Buying Washable Area Rugs

Washable rugs UAE An area rug can create more of a mess than you ever could have imagined. As an owner of such a rug, you know that cleaning such a piece is quite troublesome.

The thought of washing it by hand boggles my mind. Not only is it time-consuming and worrisome, but it’s also potentially costly since they so often occur in domestic households where there are children or pets around the house

how do I know if your carpet care machine will check to see if your rug needs to be cleaned?

There are so many choices when it comes to washable area rugs. Do you know what material you should choose? When and how do you need to take care of the different materials? Read on to find out the answers.

Machine Washable Area Rugs

Size and Weight  If you want a rug you can wash in the machine, the first step is to check if it will fit. It’s no good buying a lovely new rug only to find yourself paying for professionally cleaning after a few months.

To ensure your carpet is clean, you should be aware of some important measurements. Most household washing machines can handle carpets with a maximum width of 9 to 3/4 inches,

but some of the largest rugs may not fit these sizes. To check whether your carpet will fit in a commercial-grade washer for cleaning purposes, it’s helpful to keep the following in mind

wide rectangle rugs with a short length may require special treatment since most commercial machines are taller than they are long; wool carpets; and large oriental rugs.

Curling  When a rug is made of lightweight materials and gets put through the washing machine, even if it has been lined with rubber on the backside, the corners can curl up over time because there will be a lot of tension from their tightly woven material. However, rugs with heavier materials won’t have the same problem.

What’s the solution?

Some brands like Ruggables have a special cover system that works with mesh corners to prevent rugs from slipping or moving around (it provides a non-slip pad underneath and prevents the rug from snagging or getting damaged).

Another option to keep rugs from moving around is to use heavy furniture. This is an inexpensive option and requires little work, especially if you already own this type of furniture.

To remove build-up from a rug, use a steam mop or iron to loosen the fibers. Make sure to put a towel between the rug and the steam mop/iron so as not to get any moisture into the fiber.

What Kind of Rug Materials Are Machine Washable?

With so many different varieties of rugs available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for your washing machine. Some materials are more easily washed than others, and some might only be hand-washed in order to keep them clean and looking their best.

Fear not – here’s a short primer on which rugs can and can’t be washed.

Natural Fibers

These rugs are eco-friendly, and because of the nature of their material, they are generally not treated with harsh chemicals. However, this is what can make them less durable. Although they may appear soft to the touch, some of them cannot be machine washed without damaging their fibers.

Cotton – Organic cotton fiber is a natural fiber that’s comfortable and soft underfoot. It’s also one of the few natural materials you can machine wash but make sure to check the tags beforehand to get the standard wash temperature as some should not be washed above a certain level, or may shrink when put in a dryer so it’s best to air dry organic cotton rugs.

Wool – Wool is somewhat durable and fairly soft, making it a great choice for children’s rugs or as a throw rug for hardwood floors. It can’t usually be machine washed though, so you might not want to place it in a high foot traffic area where it will quickly wear out.

Jute and sisal – These rougher materials are perfect for outdoor decking or balconies because of their durability. Jute in particular is versatile and can be weaved into a variety of patterns. Jute is also known to be quite durable. If you want something with a lot of softness, the cork would be your choice.

Synthetic Fibers

There are many kinds of materials one can choose to use when constructing a patio. Brick and concrete are great options that don’t break the bank or require a lot of upkeep.

You can also opt for lumber, which is cheaper than a brick in many ways but will require painting over time and upkeep can be extensive depending on where you live.

Generally speaking, pine and cedar tend to fade fairly quickly in direct sunlight so it might be best to avoid them if your patio will get a lot of sunlight over the years.

  • Synthetic materials such as polypropylene, polyester, and nylon can be machine washed easily, though you should take care to wash them separately in case of color run. Machine drying a synthetic rug can also result in the fibers melting so it’s best air-dried.
  • Chenille rugs once were made of natural fibers and cotton, but are now most often made from synthetic materials like rayon and olefin. These rugs can be machine washed and dried, so long as you take care to use cold water, mild detergents, and a low heat dry cycle to prevent damage. This is a long-lasting and soft material that’s very easy to keep clean.

The Runner Rug

Serving as a critical centerpiece of your room, these long rugs are perfect for insulating your feet even during the daunting winter month. With its practical yet stylish appeal, this rug works especially well in a kitchen area with an island or long countertop. It REALLY brings the room together resulting in one cohesive look and feel which makes you wonder why you never thought to place it in such an ideal spot!

What Size?

Kitchen rugs extend the length of the kitchen, leaving approximately three to six inches on each side of the room to allow for space between the rug and cabinets. These rugs typically come in sizes 2 x 3 feet and 7 x 14 feet.

A runner rug can be a long, narrow piece of fabric that can be used to decorate a floor. Runners typically come in 2ft-3ft widths and 6ft-14ft lengths.

You should leave around 4in-5in of space on each side. Experimental placement is also possible with this type of carpet; you may want to put the rug down either side of your furniture or down one side.