Mosque Carpets

Mosque Carpets

Mosque Carpets

Mosque Carpets Supplier in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Free Samples Provide All Over Uae

We are the leading mosque carpet suppliers in UAE. We manufacture carpets from the best fabrics and never compromise on quality. Our customers are our priority, and we always try to give them quality prayer carpets at very reasonable prices.

Carpeted mosques offer a tranquil experience for worshippers, but choosing the right product from a pro carpeting company is essential. The reason is that the best suppliers in Dubai can assure you of high-quality products at an affordable rate.

We offer top-notch installation services for mosque carpets in Dubai. Our highly experienced staff comes to your place to give the best installation services at an affordable cost.

We can also provide ready-made carpets if you need a quick solution for your mosque flooring. You can choose from various modern and traditional styles in our mosque carpets.

A mosque is where Muslims worship five times daily and spend quality time in prayers. Muslims come here to seek guidance and forgiveness. It is the House of Allah, and therefore it should look beautiful. Mosque Carpets make sure that Mosques look beautiful and relaxing. Consequently, we provide you with top-notch Mosque Carpets. We make sure that you get the best Carpet Services. Hence we offer a wide range of colors and themes here.

The carpets are built with good-quality fabric. Mosque Carpets offers mats not only for commercial use but also for domestic use. The mosque carpets are beautifully designed and are made according to the color scheme of the place.

Our store has an enormous selection of mosque mats to choose from. We not only provide prayer carpets for masjids but also offer our mats wherever the small area for the prayer is situated in houses, offices, and hotels. Our carpet collection includes royal blue marble carpets, green edge carpets, and red carpets—along with several other rugs that can be configured for your interior.

Our Mosque carpets in Dubai are available in various colors and designs. We can create a custom-fit prayer rug for you, regardless of the size of your mosque. We also have ready-made carpets on hand when you are in a hurry and want a simple solution for your Mosque flooring. Our prayer rugs blend modern and traditional designs, creating an elegant finish that suits any mosque décor.

Types Of Masjid Carpet We Offer All Over Uae & Free Installation Services

We are proud to be the top-leading company offering all types of mosque carpets with impressive design, beautiful textures, and outstanding durability. Our carpets keep every aspect of the mosque atmosphere in mind as we manufacture them with the best material that makes your prayer time comfortable.

Cotton Mosque Carpets

Our cotton pattern carpets are the best choice for mosques during the hot summer, as they remain relaxed and comfortable. In addition, our carpets are also ideal for people who want to spend hours praying on them.

 Mosque Sisal Carpets

Our carpets are made of the most durable cotton-like sisal fiber and feature religious designs. The yarn is soft enough to make for comfortable prayer time.

Masjid Nabawi Carpet

Our masjid Nabwi carpets enhance the interior of your mosque, giving you relief while praying. We manufacture mats in a variety of designs and colors.

Mosque Carpets Texture & Pattern Ideas

Our prayer carpet collections provide a variety of designs that can be matched with your interior. Our mosque carpets are suitable for the masjid, but our products are also used in homes, offices, and hotels wherever a small area for prayer is required. We have over 200+ designs in our mosque mat collection, which will suit most interiors. Mosque Carpets

Our collection of carpets includes royal blue marble, green border, red border, golden Mosque Carpets Abu Dhabi, marble brown, and many more. We are providing you with made-to-measure carpets for your mosque so that whatever its size, you can select us, and we will provide you with the best carpet for the mosque.

Quality Prayer Mats For Mosque Carpets

Mosque Carpets

Mosque Carpets

We are struggling to preserve the tradition of the old mosque while ensuring that it is passed on to future generations.

People have used our handwoven carpets in their homes for years, but now they are also available on a large scale to cover the area of your vast mosque. We make prayer carpets for masjids from three original materials: wool, polypropylene, and acrylic.

Our company is the leading supplier of carpets in the UAE. We manufacture our mats using the best materials and never compromise on quality. Our customers are always our priority, and we endeavor to give them the best prayer carpets at very reasonable prices.

We provide excellent installation services for mosque carpets in Dubai. Our highly experienced staff comes to your location and offers the best installation services at an affordable cost.

We also provide ready-made carpets for a quick solution to your mosque flooring. Our range of carpets features modern and traditional styles, which you can mix and match to create an excellent rug for your prayer hall.

We offer Luxury prayer mats in Dubai for mosques on an enormous scale across the UAE. No matter the size of your mosque, the mats we customize to fit the size of your mosque. Prayer mats made by hand are simply unique and can be easily transported. This means that you can carry them around with you while traveling.

Our products are robust and endure for years without being damaged. You can easily wash prayer mats UAE produced by us as they do not absorb moisture and dust from the air. We’re the best at offering top-quality, world-class services for prayer mats.

Soft and Luxury Worship Mats

It is believed that the Islamic Mats Dubai for Prayer Mats Dubai has become vital as it was required for a Namaz (Salat) time. It is among the essential home accessories used by most people. We are an incredibly known online Islamic store that recognizes the increasing demand for this carpet. Our prayer mats are unique and stunning and are handmade to ensure maximum comfort.

Our carefully chosen range of reasonably priced but high-quality Prayer Mats Dubai (for children and adults) brings a spiritual element to your daily life. A prayer rug is a significant item in every Islamic household. Our best-selling velvety Islamic prayer mat is excellent value for the money. The Double Plush and Lux Plush Reversible Carpets are our thicker and best-quality carpets (no foam).

These are excellent for old Muslims who have back or knee troubles and find kneeling on a hard surface hard. Our prayer mat collection is individually made and of premium quality to make sure you’re comfy. We have brought together a wide selection of mats.

We have a variety of mats available. With meager costs, many Islamic prayer mats in Dubai consist of a Hajj Umrah travel Kit, High-end Turkish prayer mats, Namaz children’s mats, and Namaz prayer mats. The warranty of the manufacturer is included, and free delivery to your home on a small budget.

Quality Handmade Prayer Mats in Uae

We have incredible mosque mats in large numbers. Whatever your mosque is, we can provide you with make prayer mats sized in Dubai to fit your location.

 Our unique Turkish mats for praying are incredible. We offer a variety of mats that are no lower than the others in terms of quality. Our prayer mats are used extensively on airplanes and as bases for praying. Our top-quality mats are highly durable and last for an extended period. This means you don’t need to upgrade to the prayer mats in your masjid often. They are easy to wash since they cannot retain moisture or dust in the surrounding air. The prayer mats in Dubai do more than give comfort but also help you. 

Types of Prayer Mats

1. Simple Prayer Mats

Simple prayer mats, suitable for use at home, are designed to be put away in one area when it’s time to relax and follow a religious ritual. Choose a selection of diverse shades, including red and yellow, or go with something a bit darker, such as black, for a more subdued look. These simple prayer mats are just the item for you to meditate without pain or discomfort.

2. Raschel Prayer Mats

Each piece from our collection has been specially designed to uplift and inspire, making it a superb gift choice for your loved ones. Give Rabschel prayer mats to friends and acquaintances, or finish off your set with prayer beads, a Medina Quran with a book cover, a Quran pillow, and a prayer garment. Instruct your children on how to pray with a customized luxury praying set created especially for them.

3. Prayer Foldable Mats

The folding travel mats are great if you’re looking for somewhere to meditate while you’re away from home. These mats fold up these devices, so they’re well suited for your pocket, and they likewise survive water, so cleaning them is a breeze. We have available at our disposal the design, age, color, and size for proper selection, according to one’s particular preferences.

4. Embossed Printed Prayer Mats

Obedient to the floor, these mats are manufactured to protect worshipers and their clothes from particles on the floor. They’re an essential addition to any household.

Quality Assurance

Mosque Carpets are made up of the best quality fabric available. The most OK quality thread is used. Our products are durable and long-lasting. We offer both hand and machine-made carpets. Carpets of all sorts and sizes are available at Carpets in Dubai. Best-quality dyes are used in our carpets. Consequently, all our products are top-notch and durable. Also, the designs of our rugs will be unique and eye-catching.

We offer the traditional and best quality mosque carpets; Our handwoven rugs are available on a large scale to cover the area of your vast mosque. We manufacture our prayer carpets from three original materials—wool, polypropylene, and acrylic—which give them a unique appearance and durability.

  • Wool Carpets

Wool carpet is one of those carpets that can be purchased for any property from one day to two years. Our wool mosque carpet is durable and will give a pleasing look to your mosque.

  • Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene carpets are the most economical. They are made from fireproof material and are suitable for public places like mosques. These carpets require little maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

  • Acrylic Mosque Carpets

Acrylic carpets, which resemble wool and can isolate your mosque from noise and temperature fluctuations, are famous for mosques. Their color palate includes a broad selection of shades, patterns, and designs.

Enjoy Our Professional Care

Furthermore, all the members of our team and trained and skilled experts. In addition, they are good at what they do and take p; pride in their work. Therefore they are swift and efficient at their job. We are easily accessible and prompt in responding. Our company also cares about the clients’ importance and the value of time and money. Hence you can enjoy the best Carpet Services.

Customized Carpets as per Requirements

Most of all, our company delivers carpets of all shapes and sizes. Consequently, the mats can cover the most extensive and expansive mosque halls. Furthermore, the designs and colors of our rugs will magnify and increase the mosque’s beauty. As a result, our carpets will enhance and complement the theme and texture of the Mosque Carpets.

Choose Soft & Durable Mosque Carpets

Always purchase a thick and soft carpet material for your carpet. Wool, polyester, and olefin are some fabric options in the UAE. Wool carpets are considered more durable than other fabrics, but you can opt for polyester for the summer season.

Process Of Cleaning & Maintenance

When buying a carpet from a reputable company, there will be a label on the back of the machine-woven rug that explains how to care for it. Here is more information about caring for mosque carpets and home rugs

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the mosque carpet or home carpet. Exposure to direct sunlight over time will cause the surface to fade. Place a blind or thick curtain in front of the window during prayer periods to prevent this.
  • If a prayer rug is not frequently exposed to sunlight, it may become infested with insects and mold. If the area behind the carpet is dark, it can also become home to harmful bacteria and fungi. Sunlight eliminates these potential problems.
  • It is essential to avoid placing all kinds of pots on or next to the carpet, as this can cause water damage.
  • Roll it up to keep the carpet in storage and place naphthalene inside. Wrap it in a cotton or linen cloth if possible.
  • The ground on which a rug is to be spread should be soil-free. Carpets should be applied on a flat and uniform surface.

Every day, thousands of people enter mosques. Even though they have washed their feet, cleanliness is not guaranteed. The carpets have a brief life span due to the high traffic in mosques. We aim to clean them by using our unique techniques and tools.

First, we vacuum the entire place to eliminate dirt and debris. Vacuuming is not enough—we must use a deep-cleaning solution to remove all dirt from the carpets. To do this, we gently brush each rug with a machine without damaging its material. This ensures thorough cleansing and removes any dirt that may have been missed by vacuuming alone.

Accordingly, we use scrubbing machines after brushing the carpets to help remove all dirt particles. We also use wet and dry vacuum machines to extract water from the carpeting and leave a pleasant smell behind.

People often are skeptical about the chemicals used at places of worship. Here is a list of chemicals we use and for what purpose:

The Best Technical Lineup

If you want a thicker and more luxurious masjid carpet, we can offer that too. Our rugs come in a standard thickness of 10mm, perfect for mosque floors. This expected value is also ideal for different floor covering purposes in Dubai and other emirates.

Besides all the standard and ideal measurements for mosque carpets, you can also choose a custom-made rug explicitly designed according to your needs and desires. You can get the Mosque Carpets Dubai in different customized styles, including shapes, sizes, and designs. With wall-to-wall carpets, mosques will present a mesmerizing look and serve as an appealing environment for the devotees to pray.

We Offer Installation Services In UAE

 In addition to providing high-quality products, we offer the top carpet fixing and repair services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We’re always available with skilled and well-trained personnel to provide top-of-the-line carpet installation services in UAE.

You will be amazed by the excellent work of our professional team. They are skilled and experienced in installing mosque carpets flawlessly. We know the importance of having a mosque carpet installed correctly, and without any issues, so you can trust that our team takes care of everything for you to the best of their abilities.

Why Choose Us?

We manufacture our mosque carpets from premium-quality materials that last long and give a pleasing look. Our masjid carpets make your mosque look special and increase your floor’s life span. We have 20 years of experience in offering our customers the latest rug designs. With our masjid carpet Dubai roll, you can find the perfect product for your needs.

We offer free samples so customers can easily trust us to purchase carpets. Our expert contractors will also visit your place for carpet measurements. We encourage our customers to design their dream carpets according to the interior of your mosque. Mosque carpets prices in UAE are high, but we offer budget-friendly rugs that everyone can afford. In case of any query, contact our professional consultant.

Carpets Dubai is a home improvement company that offers premium-quality rugs. We have a wide range of sisal, shaggy, sheer, area rugs, and Mosque carpets. We also manufacture custom rugs and runners at reasonable rates and deliver them to your doorstep without additional cost.



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