Venetian Blinds

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These blinds were first introduced in the world by Hunter-Douglas in the year 1946. The Venetian blinds which we are offering will give you a precise control of light concentration and direction by using the quick twist of a baton.

And these Venetian blinds are available with an ever intensifying range of colors and styles to choose from, you can make over any room in a technique that is completely your own.

Light lines:

If you feel annoying due to various spots of lights, then don’t worry we have a solution for this. Our exclusive blinds with a feature of de-Light will hides cord holes, and reduce any type of light leaks and also help you to increases privacy.

Mega View:

We are offering blinds our exclusive tilt feature for Maga-View that will help you to lets in more natural light and generate twice the vision through of usual aluminum blinds when it’s open.

Bounce back:

These blinds are available in our limited edition products. Specially design for spring annoyance alloy that will allow the blinds to bounce back when withstanding any rough treatment.

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