Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi- Style with performance:


First we will introduce you with the Vinyl flooring, which commonly consists of Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT). And installed using a type of plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride PVC, which gives it more life.

As a result, Vinyl is  one of the most reliable and cheap flooring investments you can make in your place. But also it is very convenient to use. It is easy to clean, non-slippery, challenging. At the same  time it also gives a stylish look to your place. It is available in almost all types of texture colors and designs at very affordable prices.

Its every design ranging from stone look, wooden floorboards gives the trendiest look to your place with long-life performance.

Undoubtedly, vinyl PVC flooring is the best option to add beauty and elegance to your rooms or workplace.

What is Vinyl PVC Flooring Made of?

Our best quality Vinyl flooring is made of composite plastics, vinyl zed wood, and aluminum foil. And finishing of the floor is done by urethane foam plaster. These are some of the primary materials used in installing vinyl flooring, which will help you make your choice easier.

Advantages of vinyl PVC flooring:

It is a composite of an artificial material and is cheaper than hardwood or stone tiles. As a result it resist damage and is more reliable.
100% waterproof:
Vinyl Flooring is 100% water proof. That is why, You can easily wipe off water from the floor just by using a piece of cloth and make it look brand new.
Easy to install: 
Vinyl flooring is effortless to install. So, You do not need any expert to install this kind of flooring. And you can smoothly replace the tiles yourself it undergoes any damage.
You can use PVC in a wide range of products because of its hard-wearing, reliable and durable material with the plastic industry. Its long-life make it more affordable as is it worthy of spending money on something which can long for years or months.
Lighter in Weight:
As compared to other traditional flooring sheets, PVC flooring is much lighter in weight and very easy to adjust and put in. So, you can easily remove or change the damaged part of the floor by yourself.

Where should you use vinyl flooring?

You can fit this stylish flooring in a room of any shape, scale, and size because of its versatility. It is 100% waterproof, so it is recommended for rooms with much moisture in kitchens or bathrooms, etc.

 Contact Us: 

For the best services of vinyl PVC flooring in Dubai, you can visit our stores and website. We will provide you with the best wide range of trendy and traditional designs. That ranges from different wood effects, black and white chess tiles. Wood parquet look. Even including all shades from funky to plain, simple tiles to printed.

We also provide our customized services from guiding to installing the vinyl PVC flooring in your place. Our experienced staff is always ready to help you choose your desired look and suggest what goes best with it. We provide you with the best quality services and products.

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