Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring

Vinyl PVC Flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi- Style with performance:


First, we will introduce you to Vinyl flooring, which commonly consists of Vinyl Composite tiles (VCT). And installed using a type of plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride PVC, which gives it more life.

PVC vinyl flooring is a highly flexible, durable material used to install electric cable insulation and handbag.

We offer low-cost floors at an affordable price with our wide range to choose from, including colored options, so you’re guaranteed not just any old look but also one which matches your unique style!

As a result, Vinyl is one of the most reliable and cheap flooring investments in your place. But also it is very convenient to use. It is easy to clean, non-slippery, and challenging. At the same time, it also gives a stylish look to your place. It is available in almost all texture colors and designs at affordable prices.

Its design ranges from a stone look to wooden floorboards giving the trendiest look to your place with long-life performance.

Vinyl PVC flooring is the best option to add beauty and elegance to your rooms or workplace

PVC flooring is a popular surface found in homes across the country. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks to this product you should know about before investing your hard-earned money into one.
A major con associated with owning PVC floors would have to do with its cleaning process; since these surfaces contain no resins or finishes like other types might, they must be cleaned manually by vacuuming up any dirt particles

off every inch if possible (this will depend on how much time/money each household wants to spend maintaining their piece)

Our company is the largest manufacturer of vinyl flooring in Dubai. We offer resilience that protects your floors from damage caused by abrasion or impact because our product can withstand any harsh surface like marble, granite, and wood without getting damaged!
Our PVC tiles are made using high-quality materials for added durability – they will never rot nor discolor with age either, which means you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful indoor spaces longer than if you had used other types of material on top (like carpet)

We’ll even talk about how much it costs and how to install it. So let’s jump in!

What’s the Difference Between PVC Flooring and Vinyl Flooring?

PVC flooring is just another name for vinyl. Both terms are interchangeable! It can be confusing when shoppers try to learn about the differences between linoleum and laminate. Still, now they know that PVC means “polyvinyl chloride,” so it will make more sense in their understanding of this product’s function or qualities.

Now that we have that sorted out, it’s important to explain that three main types of flooring fall within the vinyl (or PVC) category.

Vinyl flooring is a 100% synthetic material. In standard sheet vinyl and tiles, the base layer can be Fiberglass or other similar materials like Polyurethane-coated PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which are then coated in plasticizer for durability purposes before being printed with an embossed surface finish to give it that distinctive look we all know so well from our childhoods! Vinyl PVC Flooring

Laminate flooring is similar to luxury vinyl planks in its look and method of installation. The critical difference, however, as with all things laminate, is that there’s more than meets the eye! The laminated core can be made from hardwood by-products bonded together using resins that provide durability while still maintaining flexibility-

perfect for those who want their flooring but don’t have time or money on hand like me (sigh). This type also has a top surface that covers the printed design layer making it seem more durable than ever before; this thin plastic wear layer will protect your beautiful countertop without sacrificing comfort underfoot

What is Vinyl PVC Flooring Made of?

Our best-quality Vinyl flooring comprises composite plastics, vinyl zed wood, and aluminum foil. And finishing off the floor is done with urethane foam plaster. These are some primary materials used in installing vinyl flooring, which will help you make your choice easier.

You might be wondering why you would want to cover your floors in something that looks like wood. Well, vinyl flooring can provide all of the benefits and affordability of hardwood without any maintenance worries. Unlike natural materials such as oak or pine

which require regular oiling just so they stay looking good for their entire life span (and who has time for this?); with plain old white painted concrete, there are no lasting stains left behind by children’s drinks spilled on purpose every day before bedtime!

How durable is Vinyl PVC Flooring?

A durable floor is essential for any home but can be challenging to maintain. You need the suitable material and installation process to get your vinyl looking great while also lasting long-term!
Life expectancy varies based on the quality of materials used as well as how they were manufactured or installed; however, an average lifespan has been estimated around 12 years with proper care and maintenance from wear, such occurring sooner than expected if there are cuts into drippers during painting without coating anything over them first (which we recommend against).

The durability and protection of our vinyl flooring are ensured with a special PUR surface treatment. Our Rigid LVT has an enhanced rigid core construction, which provides extra resistance to ripples or swelling, making it perfect for your home! Vinyl PVC Flooring

Advantages of vinyl PVC flooring:


It is a composite of artificial materials cheaper than hardwood or stone tiles. As a result, it resists damage and is more reliable.

100% waterproof:

Vinyl Flooring is 100% waterproof. That is why You can easily wipe off water from the floor just by using a piece of cloth and making it look brand new.

All vinyl flooring products are waterproof because they’re composed primarily of PVC. However, the quality and type you purchase will affect how water-resistant your floors may or may not be, depending on the installation process. For instance; LVT comes in planks/tiles that sit next to one another, again susceptible to moisture seeping through any seams if done incorrectly, while with roll, it can usually do so since there isn’t much variation when installing sheets without many joints resulting being more durable especially if installed by professionals who have experience working these types environments.

Easy to install: 

Vinyl flooring is effortless to install. So, You do not need an expert to install this flooring. And you can smoothly replace the tiles yourself if they undergo any damage.

Vinyl floors are an easy choice because they’re so simple to install. However, installing your floor will depend on what kind of vinyl product you choose and how it’s installed by the manufacturer- which is why doing some prep work beforehand is crucial! To get started with a few preliminary steps for any type of installation method – whether it is tiling or carpeting- follow these tips:


You can use PVC in a wide range of products because of its hard-wearing, reliable and durable material in the plastic industry. Its long life makes it more affordable as it is worth spending money on something which can last for years or months.

Lighter in Weight:

Compared to other traditional flooring sheets, PVC flooring is much lighter in weight and easy to adjust and put in. So, you can easily remove or change the damaged part of the floor by yourself.

Where should you use vinyl flooring?

Because of its versatility, you can fit this stylish flooring in a room of any shape, scale, and size. It is 100% waterproof, so it is recommended for rooms with much moisture in kitchens or bathrooms, etc.

Vinyl floors are an easy choice because they’re so simple to install. However, installing your floor will depend on what kind of vinyl product you choose and how it’s installed by the manufacturer- which is why doing some prep work beforehand is crucial! Follow these tips to get started with a few preliminary steps for any type of installation method – whether tiling or carpeting-.

PVC Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring have a lot in everyday affordability, ease of installation, and durability.
That being said, there are also significant differences between the two, which makes this debate not quite as cut & dry for vinyl opponents like myself!

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