Motorized Blinds

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We are offering blinds which you could control with a fingertip and these blinds will offer easiness of motorization, so you should choose our system of Power Tilt for leaning your blinds. Our cordless system will relieve you from pushing up your hand for raising and pulling it down to lower. Your motorize blind and shades will settle where you put them. Our innovative cord lock operation is really time tested, silent and reliable. It usually acts like a string but locks into position for easier operation and a spotless appearance. Cord cleats are also included.

Touch Controlling feature:

We are offering you touch control feature which will enable you to tilt your window blinds with amazing motorized systems means you can just tilt them for opening it or getting it closed with just the touch of a button without even leaving your seat.

UV protection:

We are offering UV protection blinds which will help you to protect your furniture, flooring, paintings and artwork from vanishing. As these UV protected blinds will give at least 75 percent protection from injurious UV rays.

Dust Shield:

Blinds which we are offering are available with a cleaning snap. Our Dust Shield feature will actually repel dust from your blinds, so clean-up is no longer an unpleasant task.

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